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Jett (You)

We can’t take the A site, what do we do?

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Since you’re on Icebox, buy an operator and look for an early-pick from Nest. Use your dash to move backsite.

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I see that you're playing Jett on Bind. You can use your dash early-round to challenge the enemy Raze. This will condition her into playing more passive which denies information.

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We keep losing rounds and forcing a buy. What do we do?

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Save and push as a team to secure frags to get weapons from the enemy.

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Raze on Bind

  • Combo Raze's grenade with Viper's bite to delay defuse on the A site. Bounce it off the wall from behind RV.
  • Push through the teleporter with Raze's grenade to catch the enemy team offguard while pushing B.
  • Don't play top truck on A site, it's hard to fall back as Raze

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